Company’s characteristic features
High ethic standards
We follow ethic standards in our work and introduce them to the law business, making it better. In our clients’ interests we use only legal methods. Such approaches are getting more and more popular, as they exclude criminal risks. Reputation and standards are above all.
Professionalism, unconventional approach
Specialists of the Law Firm Aspect regularly improve their qualification, take part in forums, follow the trends in the judicial practice, create new precedents dealing with the most complicated cases. We think unconventionally, consider disputes from different points of view and as a result we win the war and not a battle. Who knows the laws, wins the case. Who knows court practice, beats those who know the laws
The Law Firm Aspect is one of the biggest in the Tyumen Region. It has been working since 2003. In 2019 we opened an office in Moscow. The Company was ranked several times by the All-Russian Rating as one of the biggest regional companies by number of lawyers. It can conduct big projects, including many cases in several regions. The lawyers of the Aspect have won the case with the biggest claim value of 4,7 Billion RUB in the history of commercial court of the Tyumen Region.
Specialists of the Law Firm Aspect regularly take part in regional public events, as well as organize them. Such public activity allows us to be in the know of the latest legislative and political trends, to carry on the dialogue with the authorities and effectively defend our clients’ interests in the most complicated cases. The Law Firm Aspect has won the recognition of the main international, Russian and regional ratings.
The Law Firm Aspect keeps up with the time, uses technical novelties and programs. Thus for example the Company was the first in the region to use ProjectMate (since 2011), that accumulates all the running tasks, and allows to organize them effectively. In 2017 the Company started to implement flexible methodologies: Agile principles, elements of Scrum, Kanban
We have a nice and comfortable office for the clients with parking, it meets the requirements of confidentiality. Your appointments with us will be comfortable and pleasant
We make the world fairer
Solving problems in the spirit of justice, resolving contradictions and conflicts by rendering highly qualified legal service.
"Correct decisions" are fast (aimed at the result) and right (aimed at achieving justice and satisfaction in the result).
We follow ethical standards in our work and introduce them to the law business, making it better. In our clients’ interests we use only legal methods. Reputation, honesty and justice are above all.
Complete devotion and perfectionism in everything. Innovative solutions, original methods of approach, profound analysis and preparation, top professionalism in protection of the Clients' interests.
Friendly atmosphere in the Company and in our relationships with the clients. Everyone’s satisfaction with the team work is in the Company’s spirit. We do not just settle the problems, we give something more
Constant development of our relationships with the clients, of our employees, of the Company. The Law Firm Aspect keeps up with the time, uses technical novelties, supports innovations and leadership, being always one step ahead.
Clients’ fears
Coming to us the Clients take into account not the price, but the value of our services – the result, the win, the defense. The services have appropriate price that is calculated from the time spent, level of the specialists involved and their quantity. Economic justification is taken into consideration – what economic effect will the Client receive as a result, is it worth applying to us.

The price is fixed at the very beginning and honestly discussed with the Client. Preliminary analysis and evaluation are free of charge.

In arbitration cases the court charges are usually recovered from the lost party, i.e. your opponent pays for you. When signing the contract we take into account the services value that may be recovered “within reason”.
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